Augmented reality in education

Regional competition between SOU “Ljupco Santov” -Kocani and SOU “M.M. Brico” – Delchevo
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The Professional Secondary school of Economy and Management in Pazardzik, Republic of Bulgaria, was a host of teachers and programmers from Republic of North Macedonia and Croatia, as part of the project AR EDU).

On the mobility ,held from 24th – 29th of June 2019,participated seven teachers from the secondary school LjupchoSantov-Kochani , programmers from Techko Net software company as well as representatives from the non-governmental organization “LAG”.

This project started in November 2018 and its aim is to develop an application- create a module for learning subjects in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics through virtual reality.

The teams from the schools, involved in the project, created data base of questions which will be answered by students on every found location on their mobile phones, and the best team  will be declared as winner on the last  mobility. The project was also registered in the eTwinning platform.